GPRRC Projects and Work

Past, Present and Future

After 6 years, GPRRC has some notable successes under their belt. There are a variety of projects that have helped establish a baseline inventory of recreational facilities in the region, as well as Household Surveys to identify what residents value and what the barriers are towards their participation in recreation opportunities. By identifying what the region has, and what the residents want and need, the Committee can plan for future opportunities and identify any gaps that may exist in the region.


  • Investigated Online Sports Streaming Services for regional facilities.


  • Community Needs Assessment Survey completed May 2022. This survey invited regional user groups to provide feedback on regional facility usage and pandemic challenges. 


  • Ice Allocations Framework (2021) which helps create equal distribution of ice time to user groups within the region. 
  • Presentation at Alberta Parks and Recreation Association (ARPA) Conference 2021.
  • Created inventory of Municipally and non-Municipal Owned Recreation Facilities.
  • Completed Ball Diamond Behaviour Guidelines.
  • Distributed Community Group Questionnaire to regional sport organizations. 
  • Participation in the City of Grande Prairie’s Avondale High School Sites Area Redevelopment Plan (Multi-Stage process from 2019-2021).


  • Success of 2020 Regional Household Survey.
  • Regional Arena User Behaviour Guidelines & Provincial collaboration with ARPA.
  • Hosted Regional Ice and Ball Diamond Manager meetings.
  • Updated GPRRC Facility Inventory.
  • Participation in the Clairmont Arena Needs Assessment.
  • Participated in Provincial Arena reopening task force during Covid-19 Pandemic.


As the Grande Prairie Region grows and evolves, the GPRRC’s aim is to continue exploring how our municipalities can work together to implement the recommendations found in the Grande Prairie Regional Recreation Master Plan (2016).  When our communities needs shift, so will our focus, with municipal collaboration for recreational opportunities always remaining at the forefront of our minds.

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